Proctorís Transport, Inc. (PTI) provides Department of Transportation (DOT) compliant transportation services for business and industry. PTI hauls sand, gravel, soils, aggregate and debris, non-hazardous waste and other commercial commodities.† PTI is located in Arlington, Oregon along the banks of the beautiful Columbia River.

PTI drivers are fully qualified in accordance with 49 CFR 383 commercial driver's license standards and requirements.† We maintains a compliant DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, and each driver is included in the program.† We require pre-employment drug testing and every driver participates in a driverís consortium for random testing.

In addition, a variety of programs are established and written documents are maintained including a new employee orientation program, Defensive Driving Program, and an Employee Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Program. Each PTI driver undergoes an extensive orientation and is provided with a Driverís Handbook which includes company policies, driverís rules, information on the Controlled Substances and Alcohol Program and testing requirements, and DOT regulations.

PTIís safety programs are monitored and implemented by our Safety Supervisor who ensures training for every driver in accordance with both DOT and OSHA regulations.

At PTI our equipment is maintained regularly and road-worthy.† Each piece of rolling stock is on a rotating maintenance schedule, and drivers are trained to watch for signs of damage, potential problems and equipment failure and report immediately.† Mechanics ensure the equipment is ready to roll and ready to meet our customerís needs.

PO Box C

1500 Main Street

Arlington, Oregon† 97812

To contact us:

Phone:† 541-454-2833

Fax:† 541-454-2426